Creek show 2017

Rendering by HA Architecture

Creek show 2017


If you have not already found out, #fotanFABLE, has been selected for #creekshow2017#creekshow #wallercreek #itsalive @austinWCC |

Our studio is a collaboration and this exciting news embodies the spirit of that approach. We are honored and humbled to have been selected by Waller Creek Conservancy and the Selection Committee Jury to participate in this year’s Creek Show 2017!  View the article on Culture Map Austin here.

(excerpt from our Artist Statement):
“photon (fōtän) : a particle representing a quantum of light or other electromagnetic radiation. A photon carries energy proportional to the radiation frequency but has zero rest mass.

fable : a story, typically a supernatural one incorporating elements of myth and legend.

Viewers are encouraged to both observe and read fōtän FABLE both as an object and as an original work of fiction. The viewer can read the story as well as feel transported to a rendered Architectural reality of atmospheric light.”

More information about Creek Show, fōtänFABLE, and the other installations, can be found on Creek show’s website.