HA Architecture along with our collaborator Manual Gonzalez, an accomplished author based in Kentucky, were selected for their installation ENTOURAGE as one of 18 finalists for the Field Constructs Design Competition (FCDC). FCDC attracted submissions from 4 continents, 9 countries, 14 states, and 35 cities. The finalist selection marks the conclusion of Phase One of the competition. The 2015 Jury Selection Finalists will be exhibited at The University of Texas at Austin in November 2015. During Phase Two, the FCDC co-founders will review Jury Selection Finalists in order to identify the 2015 FCDC Winners, which will be slated for realization. The winning projects will be constructed and opened to the public at the Circle Acres Nature Preserve in the Montopolis neighborhood from November 14, 2015, to November 22, 2015.

Viewers are encouraged to discover ENTOURAGE seemingly caught out of context within the Nature Preserve. Through a smart phone APP – the viewer can read each individual story of the figure in front of them and view a rendered Architectural reality of Circle Acres not yet realized. They also can view a map highlighting each individual Entourage within the Preserve and discover a neighborhood reality within this context and how each of the individualized original fictions is linked to the spirit of this place. The form follows fiction and each viewer interacting with ENTOURAGE provides the bridge between realities presented.

Field Constructs at 
Circle Acres Nature Preserve
Austin, TX


Boys and Girls Club
Hyde Park Treehouse