fōtän FABLE

In 2017, six original works of art were chosen for installation in Waller Creek over a 10 day period in November.  Our studio happened to be one of the privileged six, chosen to participate.  All of the Creek Show installations along Waller Creek are curated by the Waller Creek Conservancy.  The following is a brief description of our installation:


photon (fōtän):  A particle representing a quantum of light or other electromagnetic radiation. A photon carries energy proportional to the radiation frequency but has zero rest mass.


fable: A story, typically a supernatural one incorporating elements of myth and legend.


fōtän FABLE is the result of “form following fiction” – a literary and architectural collaboration between our studio, award winning author Manuel Gonzales, a talented and generous design build team: Sarabi StudioLeap!Structures, & Hossley Lighting Associates as well as a lot of amazing volunteers.


“The Kraken” is an original short story which had an accompanied reading performance, during the show, by Felix Morgan from Austin Texas – fellow author and associate of Manuel.   We hope you enjoy the full short story here.


“Creek Show is to surprise and delight the community while also creating awareness about the importance of Waller Creek’s transformation for Austin’s social, cultural, and ecological future. An outreach program of the Waller Creek Conservancy, Creek Show supports and celebrates outstanding design that in turn sparks conversation about the transformation of Waller Creek. Launched in 2014 as a one night event, Creek Show is now an annual event in November and includes nine nights of installations.”  – Excerpt from Creek Show’s website.

fōtän FABLE

Creek Show 2017


The Bridge at Easy Tiger

Austin, Texas



Manuel Gonzales, Author

Hamilton & Associates

Sarabi Studio,


Hossley Lighting Associates

Regal Plastics

Bilt Rite Scaffold

Waller Creek Conservancy


Photography credits:

Leonid Furmansky,

David Bredan Hall, and

Sara Marjorie Strick


Concept Renderings by:

HA Architecture


Lemonade House